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Deciding to invest in a new flooring surface is an exciting time. Unfortunatly who is chosen to install the floor is generally the last thing on peoples mind.

We are the chosen installer by many leading flooring companies for installing their products and for many good reasons.

Have you ever heard about these sorts of problems associated with cowboy flooring installers?

  • Flooring laid in the wrong direction?
  • Not fitting tightly?
  • Gaps that let liquids seap into?
  • Scratched and marked surfaces?
  • Incorrectly trimmed edges?
  • Flooring that has lifted over time?
  • Messy tradesmen leaving markes all over your carpet?

These are the sort of situations you'll avoid by chosing Direct Timber Floors.

As professional installers first and foremost you can be assured a professional service and result. Your chosen flooring will be installed with great care and precision.

Supply your own flooring for us to install or we can source it for you at less than retail prices. Remember ... before you buy check with us first. There is some poor quality products out there that you would be best to avoid.

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